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Clear Vision Trust is a Buddhist audio-visual media project run by members of the Triratna Buddhist Order.

A major aspect of our mission is to help young people understand the basics of Buddhism.

More about us

The Clear Vision Trust is a Buddhist audio-visual media project and a UK registered charity (no. 1019669). Based at the Manchester Buddhist Centre,  we see all our efforts as an expression of Right Livelihood, the fifth limb of the Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path.

Founded in the early 1990s, our purpose was to serve the needs of the Triratna Buddhist Order and Community, producing resources and maintaining their video and image archives.

Our editorial policy

In our work for schools and young people it is Clear Vision policy to represent what is core to most Buddhist traditions, and a range of Buddhist traditions, practices and views. In this we have the specific agreement of Sangharakshita, founder of our own tradition, Triratna.

Schools and young people

In the early 1990s Clear Vision began to work on a series of highly acclaimed video packs for Buddhism the Religious Education classroom. 1994 saw publication of Buddhism for Key Stage 2 (8-11 years), which remains a best-selling DVD.

Having produced 7 DVD packs for 4-16 year-olds in schools, we’ve moved into the exciting world of online interactive materials, and want to ensure young people at home and temple can enjoy Buddhist teaching materials as good as those in schools.

What is Triratna?

The Sanskrit term triratna means “three jewels” or “triple gem” and refers to the three things at the heart of a Buddhist life: the Buddha, his teachings and the community of Buddhists.

The Triratna Buddhist Community was founded in London in 1967 as the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order/ FWBO). At its heart is the Triratna Buddhist Order (previously the Western Buddhist Order). Neither lay nor monastic, the Order numbers approximately 2000 women and men worldwide.


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