Ask a Buddhist

video answers to commonly-asked questions

Why did you become a Buddhist?

What's the best thing about being a Buddhist?

What's the hardest thing about being a Buddhist?

What’s the most important thing in life?

Is it harder to live a Buddhist life now than in the time of the Buddha?

How do you practice Right Livelihood?

What’s it like having a new Buddhist name?

Do you prefer your life as a Buddhist?

What's your view on abortion?

Are Buddhists allowed to eat meat?

Are Buddhists allowed to watch television?

As a Buddhist, what do you think about violent video games?

What's your view on euthanasia?

What's your view on suicide?

What's your view on poverty and wealth?

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Are Buddhists allowed to have sex?

Are Buddhists allowed to get married?

Is it OK to have sex without getting married?

Is it OK for Buddhists to have same-sex relationships?

How often do you meditate, for how long, and why?

Why do you meditate?

What do you see when you meditate?

Do Buddhists worship the Buddha?

When I think about the Buddha's Going Forth...

When I think about the Buddha...

Are you Enlightened? If not, how do you know? How would you know if you were?

Do you know anyone who is Enlightened? If not, how do you know the Buddha's teachings are true?

What is Nirvana?

Buddhists believe that suffering is caused by craving. If someone had cancer, would you say it was caused by their craving?

Buddhism goes on about suffering. Don't you find it pessimistic and depressing?

If craving leads to suffering, isn't it wrong to want to reach Enlightenment?

What do Buddhists mean when they say we have no self?

Do you believe in rebirth? If so, what animal do you think you will come back as? If not, why bother living by the Buddha's teaching?

What do Buddhists believe happens after death?

Is Buddhism one or many? What, if anything, unites different traditions?

What is karma?

Is having a disability the result of our previous karma?