Buddhism for Key Stage 2: DVD: 8-11 years


Four 20-minute programmes introduce the main Buddhist beliefs.

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This DVD pack is ideal for the busy class teacher at KS2.
Its clear and interesting style also makes it invaluable for use with Special Needs pupils at secondary level.

Four 20-minute programmes introduce the main Buddhist beliefs in a way that is stimulating, fun and relevant for children in the modern world.

62-page teacher’s handbook (free pdf on disc or paper handbook sold separately) contains :

  • essential background information
  • activity sheets
  • activities

Programme 1. The Buddha

photo of girl with Buddha statue

  • The holy site of Bodh Gaya
  • The Four Sights
  • The Buddha’s Enlightenment
  • A story from the the life of the Buddha: Kisa

Programme 2. The Dharma

image of the Buddha with Angulimala

  • The holy site of Sarnath
  • The Four Noble Truths
  • An introduction to the Noble Eightfold path
  • The Five Precepts
  • A story from the life of the Buddha: Angulimala

Programme 3. The Sangha

  • The holy site of Rajgir
  • The early Sangha
  • The origins of monastic life
  • The routine of a boy monk in Ladakh
  • Buddhism in the west
  • Buddhist retreats
  • A Jataka tale: The King’s Elephant

Programme 4. Meditation & Worship

image of yellow, red and blue balloons from video

  • Introduction to meditation
  • The Five Hindrances
  • The symbolism of the the shrine
  • The purpose of worship
  • The festival of Wesak
  • A story from the life of the Buddha: Ajatasattu


Highly Commended, Sandford St. Martin Trust Religious Education Awards 1997

The presentation is straightforward and clear, yet deals with some of the profound and complex issues raised throughout the study of Buddhism in ways generally suitable for the age group … The support material is excellent. It is clear, easy to use and full of information and ideas to reinforce and extend issues raised through the videos.
CEM’s Look Hear magazine

I had no specialist knowledge of Buddhism at all. With the help of this package I was able to plan for and deliver the learning objectives for Buddhism in an effective and confident way. I was particularly impressed by the supporting material in the teacher’s handbooks. This resource has proved invaluable.
Boothstown Methodist Primary School

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