Buddhism Centre in the City: DVD: 8-14 years


A video tour of the Manchester Buddhist Centre, home to a thriving Buddhist community.

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An excellent resource for RE and Citizenship, this is a 29-minute tour of the Manchester Buddhist Centre, a beautifully converted city-centre warehouse.

Buddhists explain how their life here is an expression of their beliefs. Interviews, clips of worship, meditation, domestic life and work in the centre’s cafe and health centre allow pupils a view of people and activities not possible on weekday visits.
25-page teacher’s handbook (free pdf on disc or paper handbook sold separately) contains:

• background information
• suggestions for activities and discussion
• pupil information sheets

The additional 10 PowerPoint presentations (editable) provide another way to present the main video clips as well as activities, information and discussion topics, making this a highly versatile product.
The Centre is run by the Triratna Buddhist Order and is home to Clear Vision. Use this video tour to amplify or replace an actual visit to a Buddhist place of worship.


• The Three Jewels
• Kindness and generosity
• Right Livelihood
• Helping each other
• Changing a building
• The shrine hall
• Changing ourselves
• The festival of Dharma Day; Worship
• Meditation


• What matters most?
• Can I change?
• Who do I admire?
• What kind of person do I want to become?


“Marvellous… just the right balance between Learning About and Learning From religion…This video enters new territory in the quest to engage young people, raise standards in RE, and above all, to develop empathy.”

David Raven-Hill, RE Adviser

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