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What, how and why do Buddhists worship?

Teachers at any level will find our Buddhist Worship 10-page book (pdf download) Bowing to the Buddhavery informative, giving some of the earliest and commonest worship texts in both English and Pali, with background information and verse-by-verse notes.
Accompanying audio tracks:

Audio clips of chanting by the monks of the London Buddhist Vihara (Theravada) and Throssel Hole Priory, Northumberland (Soto Zen). Includes the Three Refuges and Five Precepts.

For teachers and students 14 years +

FREE DOWNLOAD of ‘Buddhist Worship’ in mp3 format

1. Vandana – Salutation

2. Ti Sarana – The Three Refuges

3. Pancha Sila – The Five Precepts

4. Ti Ratnavandana – Salutation to the 3 Jewels

5. Karaniya Metta Sutta – Discourse on Loving-Kindness

6. Pancha Sila – The Five Precepts

7. Vandana – Salutation

8. Pancha Sila – The Five Precepts