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The Clear Vision Book of the Pali Canon

This 28-page A4 teacher’s handbook, written to support the A Level syllabuses, is an invaluable resource for teachers of Buddhism at AS/A2.

Eight Pali suttas (discourses) or extracts, with English translations, each with background information and detailed notes including references to core teachings and Religious Authority and Religious Experience.

Accompanying audio tracks:

75 minutes of mp3’s comprising the 8 suttas used in the book below read in English by the Venerable Sangharakshita, founder of the Triratna Buddhist Order.

For teachers/14 years+

1. Buddhavagga (from the Dhammapada)

2. Kalama Sutta

3. Mangala Sutta

4. Bahiya

5. Karaniyametta Sutta

6. Meghiya

7. Kosambiya Sutta

8. Culagosingha Sutta