The Monkey King: DVD: 4-7 years


Six 12-minute cartoon-illustrated stories from the Buddhist tradition

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Six 12-minute stories from the Buddhist tradition.

  • Six traditional stories ideal for introducing Buddhist values, as part of RE, SMSC or Citizenship education. They extend well to KS2
  • Each cartoon-illustrated story has an ethical theme, introduced and concluded by Neil Clark. See sample video

Three Jataka tales

  • The Monkey King: greed, heroism and mangoes!
  • The Lion and the Jackal: trust and generosity
  • The King’s Elephant: the company we keep

Three stories from the life of the Buddha

  • Siddhartha and the Swan: kindness to animals
  • Kisa and the Mustard Seeds: coming to terms with death
  • Angulimala meets the Buddha: change for the better

82-page teachers’ handbook (pdf’s on disc or sold separately) contains:

  • background information
  • ideas for classroom activities
  • differentiated worksheets
  • stories retold for assemblies


…very accessible and simple, yet deeply innocent and spiritual… I really recommend this resource to anyone looking for something worthwhile and valuable to capture the interest and imagination of any child and to engage them in thought and consideration, reaching straight into their heart.

Clear Vision … is to be congratulated on this well conceived and well executed project. Short, clear commentaries help pinpoint the moral of each story and its relation to contemporary life, while the stories use stills with excellent narration … to illustrate Buddhist values in action over a range of everyday experiences. This is a superb resource … teachers will applaud its expertise and professionalism.
Times Educational Supplement

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