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Do I need to pay upfront or can you invoice me?

Depending on your school’s method of procurement, you can either pay using paypal or request to be invoiced. If you choose the latter option at the checkout, please supply an official Order Number.

Do I need the printed handbook?

It is on the disk as a pdf but some like to have it.

The artefact may vary a little from those depicted...

depending on what our suppliers have in stock. We’ve had no complaints about this as yet though.

I had no specialist knowledge of Buddhism at all. With the help of this package I was able to plan for and deliver the learning objectives for Buddhism in an effective and confident way. I was particularly impressed by the supporting material in the teacher’s handbooks. This resource has proved invaluable.

Boothstown Methodist Primary School

Buddhist Stories

These stories, for aged 12 and up, are accessible versions or a ‘re-telling’ of traditional texts from the Pali Canon. They don’t assume any prior knowledge, can be used in any order, and you are welcome to adapt them for your own purposes.

They are offered freely as pdfs, with thanks to Richard Winter from the Cambridge Buddhist Centre.